Argan oil company


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Argan oil company Argan oil company
Argan oil company Argan oil company
Argan oil company Argan oil company
Argan oil company Argan oil company
Argan oil company Argan oil company

Prix : 250 Dhs - Négociable

Description :
First of all ORIENTAL GROUP is an argan oil company specialised in the production and export of argan oil. Morocco's oils.
We are an argan oil company who produces and exports, to all corners of the planet, these argan oil into two categories: Food and cosmetics (massage and beauty treatments and dermal). The argan oil company exports, also, various oils extracted based Nigella seeds, prickly pear, almond and sesame ... ETC


Furthermore the argan oil company in continuation of the Berber tradition, the Project of the ORIENTAL GROUP combine ancestral knowledge and modern extraction technique to produce culinary and cosmetic oils of very high quality.

Due to the argan oil company GUARANTEE YOU:

Product quality through optimal extraction process.
Fair trade.
Support for research at the association Baity.
The argan tree preservation, thanks to projet Arganier reforestation actions in the argan forest.
The argan oil company Of 100% natural products, certified organic.

The argan oil company ORIENTAL GROUP to set up a unique device that allows:

Most of all the development of this Moroccan Forest heritage ,
The guarantee of the product's authenticity and its membership in the geographical area of the Arganeraie;
Compliance with Good Practices during the different phases of production of Argan oil;
The insurance of product traceability;
The insurance of superior quality Argan oil for consumers and users.
The contribution to the development of Argan, as a sustainable territory development lever.

Therefore the argan oil company ORIENTAL GROUP supply 3 kinds of service below:
1. Private label
2. FULLY brand wholesale
3. Raw material

Which service do you want ?
Wish to hear from you

Oriental Group

N°200 Lot Elmassar, Z.I Sidi Ghanem
Route de Safi
40 000 Marrakech

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